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I am Arts Therapist certified in counseling & psychotherapy by the OACCPP. I have been practicing Art therapy, Psychotherapy & Counseling for 10 years but have recently created Bloorcourt Therapy.

Arts Therapy (EAT), is a form of psychotherapy using arts-based, non-verbal techniques, in addition to traditional talk-based therapeutic interventions. I also offer Emotional Mindfulness for clients living with intra-personal issues. My services are sometimes covered by third party health insurance plans.

I work with adults, children & youth who may be struggling with:

Relationship difficulties
Marriage counselling
Eating Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Mood – Depression, Bipolar
Anxiety Disorders
Life transitions

I have experience working with a variety of populations including:

Families experiencing separation/divorce
Women who have experienced violence or sexual abuse
Mental health consumers


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