What do I get from theBlurb?

Lately we have been growing and expanding to some new visuals to the site, what do you think? We have a lot of new ideas that we are planning on incorporating into the site so stay tuned. We are going to be adding features that get your company or link to the top and above the other competitors. Basically we want to gather as much information on any company within Canada to help people find the right choices, find what’s new by giving you our latest feature that any company is able to update with the news feature. Just wait and see, we will be implementing the new features within the next couple of months. Do you have an idea? Let us know.

We wanted to create an ability for people to get a higher ‘listing’ within our category lists. So what we have gone and done is calculated all of the values of each form of the database. Giving you the ability the harder you work the stronger your listing, so the more information you file, photos, news, description, coupons etc… the higher your worth. So give it a shot and generate the most information so we all know what your up to.

Why theBlurb, what’s the deal?

theBlurb was originally known as, OkanaganMarket. It was a good concept, but we wanted to grow farther beyond the Okanagan. Now we are starting to team up with some larger companies that enable us to grow beyond our borders. So we started with theBlurb and now you get to Blab about any company you want. If we don’t have it, we will soon, or you can add it! Lets help get the top companies going based on a higher criteria than just an overall. Were looking for more people to join our team! Help us out and become a database of Quality Assurance!

How did we get started

We started with an idea, what if everyone could pass along there experiences with other people in the businesses that they have dealt with. Combined with promoting as many companies possible. We thought the more companies that we could have on this site the better it would work for you! We started this, because we had some really poor experiences with companies and didn’t want other people to have to go through the same headaches we did, so we want to notify you of what happened to us. Lets let people know where to go, why, and what for!