Why should I use theBLURB.ca? 
As a blabber it will give you the chance to share your experiences that you have had. As theBlurb is going to provide you with a way to promote your business in a professional and effective way to get your company on the search engines, and the best part – IT’S FREE!

What is the purpose of theBLURB.ca? 
To gather and share information with people about location business within your community, and help them make a more percise decision on where to go, why to go there.

What can I do with theBlurb.ca?
You have the ability to promote; using pictures, writing news, creating coupons, advertising your RSS feed for all to see. Take advantage as much as you want and customize your page to your desire.

Want to advertise with theBLURB.ca?
Sure why not. Its Free!, post your companies advertisement in your company profile and we will approve it. As for advertising on the overall site, let us know we’ll set something up for you. Contact us today!

Why should I give my review? 
The more reviews that are on the site, the more accurate the site will be. In return giving you more helpful information. If you help people, people are going to help you! Want to travel across Canada and know where the best hot-spots are? Or know where the best restaurants are? Let us know, and we’ll make it worth your while!

I would like to update my companies’ information 
You can update your details at any time you want. But the only thing is you will have to wait up to 1 week at the most, sometimes earlier, to have one of our moderators review the listing and have it live.