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The website is developed for the purpose of sharing positive experiences and information regarding wet shaving methods and possibility to compare newest modern shaving supplies with traditional and antique restored classic razors.

The was introduced in the year 2005 as a hobby of restoring vintage straight razors, primarily for personal use. However, in 2009 they decided to introduce some of their work to Canadian market.

The in 2010 decided to build their own website to expand Canadian wet shavers market and to provide the people the best shaving goods from Europe, USA, and Japan with competitive prices.

The have upgraded into custom professional razor restoration tools and honing equipment to provide exceptional quality razors and honing for their products.

The offers straight razors honing service for straight razors with a minor cutting edge wear and dull blades. The stones for the honing procedure are selected upon a razor blade condition, material properties and hardness.


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