Photography By Melanie

1828 Ontario E





I’ve always believed that home is where the heart is & there is no better way to make a house a home then by filling it with things that remind you of your loved ones.

Therefore, when I set out in this venture of Luxury Portrait & Wedding Photography, I had this musing in mind.

Not only do I want to establish trust with every one of my clients so that they feel comfortable enough with me to let me capture their genuine emotions and quirks, but I also want to enable them to fill their homes & the homes of their loved ones with beautiful tailored-to-you galleries of memories.

Imagine your mothers living room in all its glory. Now imagine the face she would make every time she sat in there or walked by there and saw her beautiful gallery filled with images of herself with her loving husband and beautiful children having fun together.

Or think of Grandma who you dont get to see as often as you would like. How moved she would be if she received a hallway gallery of her growing grand children whom she misses every day.

The goal of all photographers is to capture memories, but my goal is to make the ones you love just a little happier today than they were yesterday …


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