New Awakening Wellness Centre

10420 Russell Rd RR2

Port Perry



L9L 1B3

New Awakenings is a Canada-based wellness center that helps individual & families heal from addiction and discover the freedom of being well. They conduct programs that offer the hope, strength & knowledge needed in order to make the right choices.

New Awakenings provide a safe and private environment where clients end their dependency on drugs and alcohol; thus begin with a new life. They offer treatment programs for men to address issues/problems with alcohol and drug addiction.

New Awakenings is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab center in Canada. They organize treatment programs for alcohol/ drug addiction people so that they can discover the freedom of being well.

New Awakenings provide counseling & treatment to meet individual needs with the help of their caring professionals who works closely with their clients.They provide help to people who faces serious health risks due to their dependency on alcohol/drugs.

New Awakenings offer help to individuals and families to overcome from drug and alcohol addiction. Through a customized regimen of care, support and education, they work with each client to restore their physical, social and spiritual balance.


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