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Our team of professionals and skilled celebrants creates wedding ceremonies customized and adapted to all beliefs and traditions and celebrates with joy at the location of your choice since the early 2000s with love and respect.
We are join hands, hearts and families.
Your choice of celebrant is a very personal thing, beyond the fact that you want him to be organized and able to support you in your approach, you expect to complicity and that’s what we offer.
Our celebrants are dedicated to making your wedding special and never miss class or originality. Your personal choices are our priority, and your solemn ceremony that all can be as creative and fun.

Today, the difference is all around us and we think it is a good reason to celebrate.
These relationships can be between a man and a woman, or between same sex
There are several lamps, but only one light
Our community is large and open. The Ministère à Bras Ouverts celebrate the marriage
Of divorced individuals and couples of different religions.
““There is no harm in having many religions and faiths, but it is harmful to think that they are different and that one faith is higher and the other one is lower. Children, do not see the differences. See the unity in them and the great ideals that they teach.” – Amma

“When two lips come together, they emit one sound. Even though we have two eyes, our vision is one. Even when there are two lamps, light is one. Similarly, even though a husband and wife are two, they should live as one. The unity of hearts is the beauty of their house and the stability and foundation of the entire family. As neither the wife nor the husband has realized their completeness, their marriage should be a relationship wherein each partner compensates for the other’s shortcomings—not one where they point them out and blame each other. Where there is true love, the attitude of sacrifice will automatically be there. True sacrifice is relinquishing one’s likes and dislikes for another person. This should be the spirit behind each marriage”.


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